Juliana Hatfield – Peace and Love

January 01, 1970

Olde Records)




hard to believe that this is Juliana Hatfield’s 11th solo record as
it seemed like just yesterday her solo debut, Hey Babe , was being
released (that was actually 1992, folks). On Peace and Love Hatfield
takes matters into her own hands, producing and engineering the record herself
and playing all of the instruments, recording it in her new Cambridge, MA
apartment (and releasing it on her own Ye Olde Records imprint). She’s
certainly come a long way from the Blake Babies.


and Love
has a real organic feel to it throughout, filled with strummy
acoustic guitars and Hatfield’s rich, emotive voice that add up to a collection
of heartfelt, intimate songs. From the hopeful, opening title track (“I won’t
give up, on peace and love”) to the gorgeous double-tracked vocals of “The End
of the War” (most likely about a broken relationship) to track three, “Why
Can’t We Love Each Other” (more relationship questions). Dating back to the
early ‘90s Hatfield has explored complicated relationships with an open heart
and vulnerability not usually touched by most songwriters. Peace and Love may not be her strongest record to date but it is still strong and brave with
only a handful of misses (the clunky instrumental “Unsung”, the too earnest
“I’m Disappearing”). It seems that Hatfield is the consummate underdog,
fighting for respectability with each record but after nearly two decades of
solo work those of us who have been listening know she arrived long ago.


: “Why Can’t We Love Each Other”, “Peace and Love”, “The End of the
War”, What is Wrong” TIM HINELY




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