Jukebox the Ghost – Everything Under the Sun

January 01, 1970


(Yep Roc)




If there were
such a thing as a graduate-level course in indie pop, Jukebox the Ghost’s Everything Under the Sun would surely be
in the curriculum. Fresh, clever, exuberant, and packed with more well-crafted
hooks than some bands have in their entire catalog, it manages to top the
trio’s impressive ’08 debut. The album ranges from impeccable pop gems like
“Empire” and “The Popular Thing” to the flamboyant, symphonic rock of “The
Sun,” which takes one musical detour after another while Tommy Siegel (vocals,
guitar) ponders the implications of Hawking’s cosmology.


Even on less
ambitious songs, songwriters Ben Thornewill (vocals, piano) and Siegel keep
listeners on their toes. “Summer Sun” begins with a spare verse led by a
plaintive piano line then builds slowly to a full-throttle crescendo that
breaks into a strutting, Supertramp-like chorus, while “The Stars” matches prog
rock flourishes with a propulsive, rally cry chorus. If the band continues
creating albums at this level, they’ll eventually not just be part of
indie-pop’s curriculum; they’ll have a course named after them.




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