Joy Askew – Drunk On You

January 01, 1970



Considering her credentials -specifically, her contributions
to efforts by Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson, Jack Bruce and Laurie Anderson, as
well as others – it ought to come as no surprise that Joy Askew is as assured
as she seems on Drunk on You, the
latest in a string of albums she’s released over the past decade.


Askew can take credit for any kudos she’s due, however;
while her songs emulate the atmospheric approach patented by her mentors, her
porcelain melodies, soaring arrangements and sultry vocals reflect an
individual authority. Likewise, her keyboard-based template becomes both captivating and compelling, a hypnotic blend of dense
instrumental textures and troubled tomes that elevates the music to unexpected
heights. Songs like “Drunk on You,” “Walk the Dog” and “AOA” settle in
somewhere between the exotic groundswell of Kate Bush and the more serious
intents of Tori Amos, while the bitter reflection of “Had a Bad Day” and the
saunter and swirl of “I Broke the Law” add to the fascination.


The second half of the album navigates jazzier realms, but
it’s clear early on that Drunk on You poses an enticing proposition – intense, adventurous and… yes, wholly and
completely intoxicating.


“Drunk on You,” “Had a Bad Day,” “AOA” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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