Josh Reichmann Oracle Band – Crazy Power

January 01, 1970



after two outings – an initial EP, Life
Is Legal
, and now, this, a first full-length LP — Toronto-based
singer/songwriter Josh Reichmann remains something of an enigma.  Not that he doesn’t have a distinctive
identity; far from it, in fact.  His
frantic tempos, combined with a quirky strut and swagger, reflect an obvious
confidence and a poise that borders on bravado. 


put, Reichmann is a character that can’t sit still.  In fact, he challenges his listeners just to
keep up.  Songs like “Spirits Don’t
Leave,” “Aztec Hive” and “Best in Dreams” combine a kinetic pace with
ricocheting refrains that bounce around as if induced by high-octane
caffeine.   It’s a jittery, effusive
energy that takes some getting used to, even though the jazzy swing time
flourishes of “Brothers II” and “Time Chimes” suggest Reichmann may be a closet
big band leader at heart.


said, those seeking the comfort of easily accessible melodies and more
traditional structure may not feel all that comfortable with Reichmann and
company’s hyper delivery.  Buyer beware: Crazy Power suggests the Oracle Band
deliver more than a little truth in advertising.


Standout Tracks: “Spirits Don’t Leave,”




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