Jookabox – Eyes of the Fly

January 01, 1970



eyes of the fly are made of multiple subcompartments, each sensitive to a
different spectrum of light. The information received through these
multiplicitous organs is undoubtedly complex, intricate and utterly different
from our own bi-optical view of the world…and so, too, is Jookabox’s fourth and
final album Eyes of the Fly.


is the nom de mic for David “Moose” Adamson, a Hoosier by birth and current
living arrangement, which only goes to show that the strangest stuff can come
from the most tightly buttoned-down environments. Indiana was still stuck in an
endless loop of Whitesnake and Styx on <em>my</em> last visit home,
so it’s hard to say how Adamson came up with his weird hybrid of outsider folk,
rough-neck blues, performance art and hip hop. Still, let’s give him a big hand
for a fascinating, highly caffeinated and individualist art form – in line with
bands like Man Man for instantly accessible, body-moving oddity.  


Eyes of the Fly has
unstoppable momentum through the first three tracks, from pounding,
tone-stretching, chant-and-pummel juggernaut of “Man-Tra,” through the
break-beat and TVOTR-esque soul trills of “Drops,” to the album-topping title
track, half slink, half punk pogo. All these tracks make use of the loops and
electronic manipulations of mainstream hip hop, yet all are eccentric and
home-made and tinged with the one-man band exuberance of acts like Bob Log III.
(Jookabox started as a more or less one-man project, but has since expanded to
include Ostry Okerson, Benny Sanders, Lisa Berlin.)


There’s a bit of a fade in the
second half, though “F.F.” has its Kingston-via-Anti-Folk-night moments, and
free-form, echo-y “Cold Solution” sounds like a slanted, half-dreamed dub
version of something from another album.


This is apparently the last Jookabox
album, with no real word on what Adamson plans to do afterwards. Better catch Eyes of the Fly, then, definitely one of
a kind and well-worth a listen. It’s a glimpse of a strange, alien viewpoint,
all the more remarkable for coming from white bread Middle


DOWNLOAD: “Eyes of the Fly” “Drops” JENNIFER KELLY

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