Jonathan Edwards – My Love Will Keep

January 01, 1970



Never one to over indulge his fans as far as album output is
concerned, Jonathan Edwards makes a belated return with a new studio set that
retains the wide-eyed optimism he’s been known for ever since his seminal hit
“Sunshine” lit up the airwaves nearly 40 years ago. Edwards’ voice is as
melodious and comforting as ever, but even so, My Love Will Keep offers occasional twists and turns, some of them
wholly unexpected. Among the most prominent: an ambitious cover of the Beatles’
“She Loves You” which turns the once raucous rocker into a dreamy piano ballad.
“I think it really works,” Edwards told one writer recently. “I wasn’t trying
to disguise it – I wanted to do an outside-of-the-box arrangement that went a
little deeper.”


Other tracks resonate as well, although few as emphatically.
“Johnny Blue Horizon” pays tribute to his late friend and fellow balladeer,
John Denver. The leadoff track, the bucolic “Surrounded,” was penned several
years ago, but never found a place on any album. “Freewheeler” and “Everybody
Works in China” continue his tradition of covering songs written by fellow
troubadours — in this case, Jesse Winchester and Henry Gross, respectively.
His own “Crazy Texas Woman” ups the energy level and takes its cue from time
spent in the Lone Star State. Indeed, there’s optimism aplenty throughout, as
affirmed by the lofty love song “My Love Will Keep,” the uplifting tenderness
of “Tomorrow’s Gonna Come” and the plucky banjo and Celtic pipe combination
that propels the lovely “Lightkeeper.” Each offers an example of the inherent
wholesomeness that Edwards has so effortlessly maintained throughout the course
of his career.


Although there’s nary a hint of filler, some may wince at
the saccharine sentiment. Yet even naysayers will find the feel-good vibes hard
to resist. And with that being the case, why then even try?


Love Will Keep,” “She Loves You,” “Johnny Blue Horizon” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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