JONAS ALASKA – Fear is a Demon

Album: Fear is a Demon

Artist: Jonas Alaska

Label: Braveheart

Release Date: October 27, 2017

The Upshot: Slow-paced indie pop with a beautifully hushed vibe.


Jonas Alaska may be Norwegian by birth, but his sound is borrowed in part from a slew of great American pop songwriters across several generations, from Paul Simon’s early solo work to the early 2000s records by The Format. His latest, the great Fear is a Demon is no different. Stripped down for the most part, this latest is another solid collection of slow tempo, beautiful indie pop tunes. Alaska’s (not his real name) hushed vocals are powerful in their delivery.

He’s at his best here, when he adds in a fuller sound with synths, piano and, in the case of “Back to School,” horns to his arrangements for a biggest impact. Conversely, when it’s just Alaska and an acoustic guitar the music just doesn’t sound as compelling. The exception, being the beautiful “Love You Right.”

The album also includes one of the sweetest songs yet to honor the memory of David Bowie, with “Diamond in the Shadow,” a song the surely would have impressed the Thin White Duke.

DOWNLOAD: “Back to School,” “Never Knew I Was in Trouble” and “Love You Right”

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