Jon Langford & Skull Orchard – Old Devils

January 01, 1970



Jon Langford can call his band Skull Orchard and
write ghostly tales about pirates and slaves and instruments of torture (“Pieces
Of The Past”) all he wants to. But even then or when he’s calling phonies to
account as in “Flag Of Triumph,” there’s a likable aspect to the man and his
music – no doubt due to the palpable joy he feels in making it – that can’t be


Langford’s been credited with bringing folk and
country elements into punk, but a main branch of the Americana genre has always
incorporated elements of punk. Here, Langford achieves a perfect balance. He
combines infectious melodies that sometimes evoke John Lennon (“Luxury;” “Death
Valley Day”) and substantive, emotive but unsentimental lyrics (“Strange Ways
To Win Wars”) to make songs that are just so damn catchy despite their subject or style. Langford’s done this
seamlessly and organically and Old Devils deserves an unhesitatingly
emphatic recommendation.


DOWNLOAD: “Pieces Of The Past,” “Haunted”



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