Jon Dee Graham – Garage Sale

January 01, 1970

(Freedom Records)


If truth in advertising was to prevail, then Garage
Jon Dee Graham’s latest offering, would be true to its title, making it little more
than a collection of dusty odds and sods left over from previous projects. And
who would blame him, given his prodigious activity of late, what with his
recent release with the ad hoc combo the Hobart Brothers and Lil’ Sis Hobart
(featuring fellow travelers Susan Cowsill and Freedy Johnston), his slate of
session work and recent ventures into the realms of the visual arts?


Still, while several of these songs do sound like they’ve
been rummaged about pretty thoroughly — thanks mainly to the low-lit ambiance
and John Dee’s coarse, ravaged, sandpapery croak of a vocal — the results
belie any slapdash set-up. The sweet, sad, sentimental “Yes Yes,” the ragged
acoustic duet with Erin Ivey on “O Dearest One” and the lazy, languid “19” all
reflect the man’s world weary blend of remorse and resilience. It takes someone
both confident and self-assured to offer up such a nakedly revealing series of
songs – i.e., “Bobby Dunbar,” with its barebones piano accompaniment, or the
frayed lament, “Just Like That” – but Graham has seemingly little regard for
sprucing up any loose ends. Garage Sale is
mostly devoid of throwaways, and yet chock full of hidden treasures instead.


DOWNLOAD: “Yes Yes,” “Just Like That,”
“Bobby Dunbar” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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