John Wesley Harding – The Sound of His Own Voice

January 01, 1970

(Yep Roc)


Make note, Misters Davies
and Costello; singer, songwriter, author and auteur John Wesley Harding is
crashing your turf. His new album captures the same sense of whimsy and pure
pop propensity that was once your specialized domain. By combining
irrepressible charm, enough hooks to outfit a fishing fleet and a backing cast
full of marquee names (the Decemberists, Rosanne Cash, Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey
among them), Harding’s crafted 15 sumptuous songs as memorable as they are


That’s obvious early on, in
the perky, propulsive lilt of “Captain Courageous” and “Uncle Dad,” the cozy
sway of “The Colloquy of Mole & Mr. Eye,” in the beautiful ballads “Good
News (& Bad News)” and “The World in Song,” the bittersweet bliss of “The
Way We Weren’t” and the weary observations ruminating through “There’s a
Starbucks (Where the Starbucks Used to Be).” Harding’s adept at melding a
simple slice of life with irresistible refrains, and that’s what allows The
Sound of His Own Voice
to soar ever so sweetly.


“Captain Courageous,” “Uncle Dad” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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