Album: Now!

Artist: Joey Skidmore

Label: Mop Top

Release Date: August 01, 2014

Joey Skidmore 8-1


Joey Skidmore has been a fixture of the Kansas City rock & roll scene for over three decades; Now! is his sixth full-lengther. Possessed of (by?) a love of B-grade horror flicks, a passion for post-Detroit/pre-punk guitar rock, a compelling baritone that would do Iggy Pop proud and an impish sense of humor, Skidmore puts together a collection that reflects all these things.

“Kiki Meets the Vampires” soundtracks the theme to the Skidmore-made movie of the same name, “Zombie Boogie” struts through a cheeky scenario frosted with EWI squiggles, and”Captured By Pirates” rockingly relates a tale of that very thing. Skidmore and his pals dip into the songbooks of the Stooges (“Dirt”), Randy Newman (“Mama Told Me Not to Come,” guest-starring Black Oak Arkansas’ Jim Dandy Mangrum) and Blue Öyster Cult (“This Ain’t the Summer of Love,” with lead guitar by Jason & the Scorchers’ Warner Hodges). “Catch a Ride” crawls menacingly through the blues, while “Pinewood Derby Blues” simply rocks it like it talks it. Skidmore’s long-held association with Springfield’s finest continues as well; the late, great Lou Whitney from the Skeletons and the Morells recorded and mixed, and Skels keysman Joe Terry is all over this thing. Now! is a heaping helping of greasy, sticky fun.

DOWNLOAD: “This Ain’t the Summer of Love,” “Pinewood Derby Blues,” “Zombie Boogie”


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