JOE GRUSHECKY – Somewhere East of Eden

Album: Somewhere East of Eden

Artist: Joe Grushecky

Label: Schoolhouse

Release Date: October 08, 2013

Joe Grushecky 10-8


 Pittsburgh’s Joe Grushecky has been working a relentless rock ‘n’ roll shift for well over three decades now, both on his own and with his homegrown working man buddies, the Iron City Houserockers. A true journeyman fuelled by spit and sass, his blue collar anthems have drawn him favorable comparison to other dogged troubadours like Bruce Springsteen, Graham Parker, Southside Johnny, Willy DeVille and John Mellencamp. Indeed, it’s a mark of his resolve that the Boss himself has often guested with Grushecky both on album and in performance.

 Even so, aside from a fiercely devoted hometown following, he’s never earned the wider acclaim his contemporaries have attained while essentially mining the same sound. Hopefully then, Somewhere East of Eden will provide the path to that much deserved recognition, given that its beer-bred melodies and sturdy backbeats still boast Grushecky’s basic barroom appeal. The fast and furious “I Can Hear the Devil Knocking,” a tumultuous “Prices Going Up” and the doo-wop strum of “Still Look Good (For Sixty)” ought to be considered mandatory listening for any baby boomer who fears they’ve lost their groove. Likewise, the rugged and weathered “Who Cares About Those Kids,” “Somewhere East of Eden,” “Magnolia” and the especially telling “The First Day of School”show a fierce resilience that only comes through age and perseverance. All of which makes the inclusion of a well etched classic like “Save The Last Dance For Me” or a gratuitous offering like “I Was Born To Rock” seem somewhat redundant in the way they merely restate the obvious.

 Still, Grushecky does vary the template somewhat, particularly with the historical, latin-tinged narrative “When Castro Came Down From The Hills” and the syncopated “Join the Revelator.” Yet there’s never any doubt that Grushecky remains the ceaseless rock ‘n’ roll cheerleader he’s always been. And like a revered master who’s long since honed his craft, it’s also clear he’s never been more dedicated or determined.

 DOWNLOAD: “The First Day of School,” “Somewhere East of Eden,” “Magnolia”





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