JOE FLETCHER – You’ve Got the Wrong Man

Album: You've Got the Wrong Man

Artist: Joe Fletcher

Label: Wrong Reasons

January 01, 1970


Joe Fletcher 10-18


If the album title appears somewhat ominous, then be assured that You’ve Got the Wrong Man is every bit as dark and downcast as that name suggests. Recorded almost entirely solo, Fletcher’s rough, gruff vocals, blistering, hard-bitten blues and fervent yet nuanced guitar work convey a sense of impending doom and despair – the lyric to “Heart in a Mousetrap” is especially telling (“You’re like a brick thrown at my head…”) – and much like Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska or a dust bowl field recording, Fletcher pulls no punches with his grim and grizzled narratives.

Still, Fletcher deserves credit for keeping his listeners engaged even in spite of these sparse settings, varying the recording locales between a seaside village of Warren, Rhode Island, an antebellum farmhouse in Arnoldsville, Georgia (which, it’s said, once provided overnight accommodations for General Robert E. Lee) and the more conventional environs of East Nashville, Tennessee. Likewise, adding some minor instrumental embellishment to a pair of tracks — “I Never (Reprise)” and a cover of Brown Bird’s “Mabel Grey” — helps up the ante in terms of variety. Clearly, You’ve Got the Wrong Man isn’t the kind of album that’s going to put people in a party mood on a Saturday night, but when it comes to dealing with the sobriety of a difficult morning after, Fletcher nails it all nicely.

DOWNLOAD: “Mabel Grey,” “Heart in a Mousetrap,” “I Never (Reprise)”


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