Album: Peanut Butter

Artist: Joanna Gruesome

Label: Slumberland

Release Date: May 05, 2015

Joanna Gruesome


Ok, even if this record sucked, which it doesn’t, just the mere fact that it’s named Peanut Butter I’d have to like it simply on principle. Luckily, the sophomore effort by this UK (Cardiff, Wales actually) quartet is brimming with in-the-red noisy pop tunes, just the kind I like.

Their 2013 debut, Weird Sister, was excellent and here’s 10 more songs in a similar vein, honestly, not a ton has changed in between records (days). Main guitarist Owen William’s opted for a more economical approach here and hey it worked while vocalist Alana McArdle gets a chance to try as many vocal workouts as humanly possible in one record (I’m told she gargles with Drano).

Opening cut “Last Year” is all melodic goodness, reminding me a bit of (another Slumberland act) Gold Bears then there’s “Jamie (luvver)” which somehow melds melody and noise even more perfectly. I have to admit, I’m not always 100% sure what they’re on about but I know it’s anger directly at someone. You listen to “Honestly Do Yr Worst,” “Separate Bedrooms” and “Jamie (liar)” and you tell me otherwise.

These days lots of different bands/songs are called noise pop, but these folks are doing it right. Now leave me alone while I go listen to “I Don’t Wanna Relax.”


DOWNLOAD: “Last Year” “Jerome (luvver),” “Crayon,” “Separate Bedrooms”

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