THE JIGSAW SEEN — Old Man Reverb

Album: Old Man Reverb

Artist: Jigsaw Seen

Label: Vibro-Phonic

Release Date: September 16, 2014

Jigsaw Seen 9-16

Vibro-Phonic Records


The Jigsaw Seen are one of those power pop regulars who have seemingly been around forever and yet have seemingly been taken for granted. Never mind the fact that they pack the kind of credence that made Dave Davies tap them as his ongoing backing band. Or that their retro resolve made them a necessary fit for a pair of tributes to both the Bee Gees and the Hollies. Still, it would seem that after 25 years of paying their dues, consistency would demand more respect and recognition, if for no other reason than the fact that their music is so utterly enticing. Their last two studio albums, Bananas Foster and Winterland — both released earlier this decade — proved that if anything, they’ve become more adept at their craft. Even the stop gap compilation that preceded the new album, the tellingly titled For The Discriminating Completists Only served the same purpose. Indeed, if there’s something vaguely familiar about this latest effort in particular, it’s only because they have such a vast reserve of influences and inspiration to draw from.

Of course, that’s not to negate co-founders Dennis Davison and Jonathan Lea’s ability to dream up new initiatives on their own. Old Man Reverb seems to be some kind of concept album, although titles like “Idiots With Guitars,” “Hercules and Sylvia” and “Grief Rehearsal” certainly don’t provide many clues. Nevertheless, “Your Mind Is Like Mine” and the aforementioned “Grief Rehearsal” do lend themselves to some sort of psychedelic suggestion, while the snappy opener “Let There Be Reverb” echoes the best of the Brit rock brigades. Best then to focus on the music, which again combines their singular stance with their usual larger than life flourishes. Even newcomers to the fold will find it a great place to begin.

DOWNLOAD: “Idiots With Guitars,” “Grief Rehearsal,” “Let There Be Reverb”



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