Jet Age – What Did You Do During The War, Daddy?

January 01, 1970

(Sonic Boomerang)


On the second Jet Age release, former Hurricane Lamps
frontman Eric Tischler stays true to his Who Down Under ethic with a set of
quiet/loud mondo distorto jangly indie garage pop songs. Beyond reinforcing his
longstanding Pete Townshend-channels-Martin Phillipps sonic philosophy,
Tischler uses Daddy? to conceptually
examine the desperation of a voting minority that understands the savant coup
which has swept America
and envisions an American suicide bomber who destroys himself to save his
family. Without endorsing such a course, Tischler tells the cautionary tale
with a vulnerable and trebly passion, from the Mitch Easter/Keith Richards pop
of “If I Had You Then, I’d Still Want You Now” to the Who/Chills demo rush of
“O, Calendar” to the spritely darkness of “Shake.” Tischler poses controversial
questions on Daddy? while
simultaneously turning out a compellingly stripped down and satisfying indie
rock record.


Standout Tracks: “O, Calendar,” “If I Had You Then, I’d Still Want You Now” BRIAN BAKER

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