Jesu – Heart Ache & Dethroned

January 01, 1970

(Hydra Head)


The entire sonic spectrum of post-metal icon Justin K.
Broadrick’s near-decade long run recording a wholly unique fusion of
death-rattle grindcore and shoegaze romanticism under the handle Jesu is fully
represented in all of its varying colors of white, black and grey on this
excellent new double EP.  The first half
of this two-disc set sees the long-awaited stateside reissue of Heart Ache, the English trio’s debut
extended player. Clocking in at 40 minutes, it comprises of two massive
mini-suites that perfectly encapsulate the broad stroke of Jesu’s creative
hand, as one can instantly hear the influential industrial dirge of Broadrick’s
then-freshly discarded Godflesh days fade off into something far more somber
and melodic that crescendos  on the
20-minute piano epic “Ruined”.


Disc two, meanwhile, contains Dethroned, a four-song EP comprised of material initially crafted
whilst Broadrick was working on material for Jesu’s eponymous 2005 full-length
debut and finally completed in 2010, offering a keen balance of just how far
this band has come in eight short years with this stirring collision of their
guitar-heavy past and electronically minded present. Hopefully what soon
follows this collection is the release of this remarkable outfit’s hotly anticipated
official full-length follow-up to 2007’s Conqueror. And at the rate by which Broadrick has been putting out records in the last
couple of years, we might not have much longer to wait.


Ache”, “Ruined”, “Annul”, “I Can Only Disappoint You” RON HART

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