Album: Make My Head Sing....

Artist: Jessica Lea Mayfield

Label: ATO

Release Date: April 15, 2014

Jessica Mayfield 4-15


 Jessica Lea Mayfield appears to dwell on the dark side, and if the title to her latest opus is to be believed, then her head is filled with ominous musings indeed. Make My Head Sing… further affirms Mayfield’s fondness for purveying harrowing circumstance and atmospheric ambiance.  It’s a scenario borne out by the scorching sounds inherent in songs such as “Pure Stuff,” “Party Drugs” and “No Fun,” a delivery that finds Mayfield’s sensuous vocals plied over a purely turgid undertow. Oftentimes, it’s an odd juxtaposition, and one that isn’t always in sync.

 The opening track, aptly titled “Oblivious,” suggests Mayfield’s going to extremes; it’s best to skip its unruly noise and fast forward to track two, “I Wanna Love You,” which provides more shimmer than shudder. Indeed, it’s the more luminous entries that provide the real pleasures here – the lilt and sway of “Standing in the Sun,” the psychedelic sheen of “Do I Have the Time” and the swirling effects of “Seein’ Starz” in particular. Ultimately, Mayfield’s combination of yin and yang may prove confusing to some, intriguing to others. Either way, it makes a decidedly emphatic impression.

 DOWNLOAD: “I Wanna Love You,” “Standing in the Sun”

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