Jerzey St. Band – Breaking Radio Silence

January 01, 1970

(Jerzey Street


Looks can be deceiving – and in the world of rock, so can
names, intents and places of origin. Modern music frequently crosses ethnic and
cultural lines, but rarely is it as heavily morphed as in the tack taken by the
Jerzey St. Band, a Manchester England-based outfit whose gritty heartland
anthems and dusty world-weary ballads sound like they were bred in America’s
rural, blue collar environs.


David Wrobel, the band’s singer and songwriter of record,
gives the impression he was weaned on Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and CCR,
what with songs built around similarly rousing refrains and a confident,
demonstrative delivery. “Pale Blue River,”
“Give the Rivers Back to the Rain” and “Broadway & W. 57th” each
suggests an intrinsic affinity for Americana, and if the group’s anywhere near as
proficient in concert as they appear to be on record, there’s every reason to
believe their rugged sound will effectively rally the masses. At that point, it
ought to be interesting to see if they can cloak their British accents while
also asserting those down home designs.


DOWNLOAD: “Pale Blue
River,” “Give the Rivers
Back to the Rain,” “Broadway & W. 57th” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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