Jeremy Jay – Dream Diary

January 01, 1970



Jeremy Jay is a
native Southern Californian who probably had little use of the sunshine and
faux happiness, which is why he recently ended up in London. To me he seems like the kind of guy
who probably, for hours as a teenager, used the hair dryer as a microphone in
front of the mirror and dreamed of both leaving that boring teenage life behind
and of stardom. He realized the former and is slowly working on the latter.


Dream Diary is a lot like the synth pop that
permeated 2009’s Slow Dance where
synthesizers swoon, the rhythms are a bit robotic and the guitars….ummm….are
there guitars? (Yes there are, and calm down already.) Of course the most
striking instrument is the icy, cool vocals of Jay. Most of the songs on Dream Diary are based on dreams (which
Jay apparently does a lot) with stream of consciousness lyrics, but the album’s
not experimental. These are fairly simple, catchy pop songs.  Try tunes like “Caught in a Whirl,” “By the
Rivers Edge,” “Shayla” and “The Days of Castling Clouds Away.” A few of the
songs, at least musically, suggest the simplicity of Beat Happening (so no
surprise that J.J. is on K Records) and at other times it seemed a bit too
soaked in pretense – but more often than not, Jay realizes he’s here to
entertain and usually never forget the songs.


Thank god someone
around here has a good memory.


DOWNLOAD:  “Caught
in a Whirl,” “By the Rivers Edge,” “Shayla,” “Whispers of the Heart” TIM HINELY


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