Jen Wood – Finds You In Love

January 01, 1970



(New Granada)


would have been easy to forget about Jen Wood. After being all up in it in the
rockin’ ‘90s with her band Tattle Tale and then a string of solo releases she
sort of …vanished. Her last solo record was 2002’s Traveling Through
(and during that same year she appeared on the debut record by The
Postal Service).  Apparently she has had some darks days as she said of
this record, “The album is about finding the light inside the darkest places of
my mind and past.” It sounds like a record of healing and on it are some of
Wood’s best songs ever.


of these 10 songs take a slow, careful tempo imbued with Woods’ delicate,
emotive voice and usually spare, but at times soaring, arrangements. The lovely
opener “Pills” unfolds before your very eyes while “Let Me Down” opens with
Wood’s coo before it blooms like a flower and “Red Sun” is the here and there
and back again epic that it seems like she had to write. If there’s
anything questionable about the record at all is that at times it gets a bit
samey, like you’re listening to one long song (which wouldn’t be so bad,
really) but overall it is an intricate work of beauty.


You In Love
sounds like the work of a songwriter in transition and has laid
it all out for the world to see in these heartfelt numbers.


DOWNLOAD: “Zeppelin”, “Red Sun” TIM HINELY


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