Jellyfish – Live at Bogart’s

January 01, 1970



Thinking back, it
seems almost impossible that Jellyfish was around in the early-‘90s, crammed
there on the tape and CD shelves sandwiched between dreadful faux-metal bands
like Jackyl and Junkyard experiencing their last breaths of relevancy. [Don’t forget Jars of Clay, Jewel and, er,
Jesus Jones. – Alpha Ed.
] The
neo-Hippies in Jellyfish (and that’s a term of endearment, by the way) from San
Francisco only put out two albums, but both were among the best Power Pop
efforts of the decade. It was a case of not appreciating what you had until it
was gone.


Spilled Milk and Belly
were teaming with influences from Cheap Trick, The Beatles and XTC,
with hardly a bad track out of the nearly two dozen that made up their repertoire,
so it was particularly hard to take when this promising band called it quits
without leaving much else to remember them by.


The release of a Live at Bogart’s this summer – recorded
at a club show in Long Beach,
CA back 1991 – though definitely
appreciated, capturing the band’s
sound and attitude perfectly, also feels a bit anti-climatic. There is little
rearrangement to these tunes, by now tattooed in the inner ears of all
Jellyfish fans. There are a few of covers , including  15 seconds of “Baby Come Back” by Mellow Gold faves
Player who tried to claim they deserved royalties after hearing Jellyfish had a
song called “Baby’s Coming Back” and a cover of Badfinger’s “No Matter What”
that is far better than the original.


While the live set
is a must-own for all of us starved for new songs and a Second Coming of
Jellyfish, 13 songs seems a little light after a two-decade wait.


DOWNLOAD: “Calling Sarah,” “The King is half-Undressed,” “Will You Marry


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