Jawbox 6/22/19, Brooklyn

Dates: June 22, 2019

Location: Brooklyn, NY

The iconic punk band was live in Brooklyn June 22, 2019.


It’s been almost 30 years since I last saw Jawbox in concert. I remember it was at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago where they opened for Chicago’s Tar, with whom they had split the “Static” seven inch single at the time.  I have a VHS of that show that I shot and will one day get digitized and uploaded to YouTube. Luckily for myself and Blurt readers I was able to shoot some primo footage from the photo pit (click here to see my gallery) and check out my video of the song “FF=66” down below.

The band played 21 songs to the sold-out audience before they came back for an encore of 4 more. It was the right move to save the hit “Savory” till the end, because while that song is great, the trajectory the band took to get there is even greater.  The band may be older but the ferocious way they pummel their instruments would have made bands half their age green with envy. The sound waves hitting me at the front could’ve easily stripped the paint off a car. The audience was filled with 40-somethings who knew almost every word to every song and I could tell they were just thrilled to have one of their bands back in action. The tour that will traverse the US is an absolute must see. Hopefully this is more than just a one off and a new record is in the offing. Regardless of what happens, the world is a better place with Jawbox alive and kicking once more.

Above: the evening’s setlist.



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