Jason Urick – I Love You

January 01, 1970

(Thrill Jockey)




The perfect music for science fiction fanatics comes
from an artist out of Baltimore,
Maryland, named Jason Urick. With
a remarkable grasp of electronics that will make the listener’s senses go
crazy, Urick will also bring to mind the late Frank Zappa. I Love You‘s mind blowing, intense journey begins with the title
track “I Love You,” a powerful instrumental filled with chanting sounds and a
heavy dose of galactic keyboards (think: lying in a rocket and landing on the
moon – check the cover art).


Meanwhile, since humanity is obsessed with the
internet and other electronic gadgets, so the pulsating track “Don’t Digital”
is filled with eerie-sounding keys, relentless squawking and thumping bass.
This track illustrates how we refuse to live without our gizmos: humanity does
not want to use the human brain to explore the world because it takes up too
much of our time. Finally, a peaceful world can turn to darkness when we become
greedy: “Syndromes” is a dark instrumental track in which humanity turns on
itself, killing the world around us and preventing peace.


Urick is a remarkable electronic musician who pushes
mainstream music to its outer limits, and as the listener explores those outer
limits, expect goose bumps to appear on the skin.


DOWNLOAD: “I Love You,” “Don’t Digital” LESLIE SNYDER

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