JASMINE MINKS – Cut Me Deep: The Anthology 1984- 2014

Album: Cut Me Deep: The Anthology 1984- 2014

Artist: Jasmine Minks

Label: Cherry Red

Release Date: March 04, 2014

Jasmine Minks 3-4



One of the things that surprised me about this disc I that it mentioned this year (as in 2014) in the anthology, as in the band is still around (which I had no idea). Anyhow, this Scottish band appeared in 1984 and got signed to Alan McGee’s Creation label (some calling them the flagship band of the label). They did 4 albums and 4 singles for the label and then broke up in 1989. They then returned on McGee’s newly-christened label Poptones in 2001 with Poptartglory.

48 songs spread out over two discs, this is all of their Creation Records output and then some. About the songs? Oh man, put it on and let them play! This is real and passionate pop music complete with jangly guitars, intricate (at times) rhythms, from-the-heart vocals and hooks plenty. Give a spin to cuts like opener “Think!,” “I Don’t Know,” “Choice” (love the horns on those last two), the tender “Cold Heart” and too many more. Most of  the songs were written by leader Jim Shepherd though some were co-written by his foil Adam Sanderson (he left in ’86) and not only is Shepherd and some other folks keeping the Minks flame going but is hoping to become inductees into the Scotland’s Music Hall of Fame (and deservedly so).

In the meantime, the Cherry Red label has offered all of these goodies up on the proverbial silver platter (complete with an informative 16-pages booklet with liner notes by Michael “The Professor” White). Forget bread and milk, this ought to be your next essential purchase (let the kids starve).

DOWNLOAD:  “Think!,” “I Don’t Know,” “Choice,” “Cold Heart”

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