Japandroids – Post-Nothing

January 01, 1970





Ever since rock and roll was invented, people have come up
with ways to make it better – from multiple drummers to guitar armies to studio
effects. But every now and then, a band comes along to remind you that
sometimes all it takes is two guys in a room bashing out some riffs and singing
along enthusiastically. It’s something artists from The White Stripes to No Age
have done successfully in recent years, and Japandroids are a fine addition to
that tradition. The guitars wail and the lyrics stick to well-trod ground,
covering never-get-old topics like girls, dreams and leaving home. There’s
little here that hasn’t been done before, but when it’s done with this much
joy, who really cares?


Standout Tracks: “Young Hearts Spark Fire” “Rockers East Vancouver”



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