Album: Mosaic

Artist: Jann Klose

Label: People

Release Date: July 23, 2013

Jann Klose 7-25




Over the past few years, German-born singer/songwriter/guitarist Jann Klose has made incremental inroads into the public sector via soundtrack contributions, headliner support status, the occasional Broadway musical and an individual output that now numbers four full-length albums and a pair of EPs. So while he’s still in search of his big breakthrough, Mosaic represents his most promising effort yet, an album chock full of instantly accessible melodies and, by turns, genuine pop appeal.

Of course, as anyone who’s managed even a cursory survey of today’s marketplace can attest, the ability to write and deliver great songs is secondary to being able to offer up a good gimmick. For Klose, a serious and cerebral musician, that lack of pretense might actually hinder his chances. Still, the fact that he’s capable of crafting angelic ballads like “Still” and “On and On,” and irresistibly upbeat entries such as “Four Leaf Clover” and “Falling Tears,” makes it clear he has the necessary skill to manipulate emotions. Likewise, his solemn and yet soaring take on Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren” demonstrates a certain savvy that’s all too rare, knowing how to retain the imprint of the original while interpreting it in such a way as to make it wholly his own.

Whether that’s enough to impart an indelible impression still remains to be seen, given the fact many capable artists can’t get beyond the far fringes of recognition. Indeed, Klose is a contender who’s spent way too much of his time waiting in the wings.

DOWNLOAD: “Four Leaf Clover,” “Still,” “On and On”


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