JAMES SUPERCAVE – Better Strange

Album: Better Strange

Artist: James Supercave

Label: Fairfax

Release Date: February 12, 2016



The Upshot: One of those records that takes a few or more plays to grow on you, featuring indie pop, trip hop, chillwave and more. Vinyl version comes in limited edition white wax, no less.


At first I thought it was the name of someone and I was thinking that James Supercave is a bad pseudonym but it’s not a he, it’s a them and for a band it’s a great name. Three dudes, Joaquin (vocals), Patrick (keyboards) and Andres (guitar) who call Los Angeles home and on their debut album they eeked some very cool sounds. But not just sounds there’s songs on here, too. There’s a whole range of influences here from trip hop to dance to indie pop to chillwave (can’t believe I just wrote that word) to other eperimental genres not even invented yet (psych, baroque pop and even soul). It’s one of those records that takes a few or more plays to grow on you ‘cos despite my description above it’s actually pretty low-key; they’re not jumpimg up and down  in your face or anything.

Opening cut, the title track, is so low key you might miss it but you won’t miss the grinding synths or “Whatever You Want” or “Burn.” Plus on “Get Over Yourself” Joaquin shows off his falsetto which is better than my falsetto and your falsetto (so get over yourself). Also, you just gotta, gotta hear “The Right Thing” which pulses and soars at the same time (don’t miss the video either). If you hear things like I hear things, you’ll hear echoes of MGMT, Arcade Fire, some Radiohead, and the like. This is smart pop for now people or now pop for smart people; whatever, just listen.

DOWNLOAD: “Whatever You Want,” “Burn,” “Get Over Yourself,” “The Right Thing”



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