Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin’

January 01, 1970

(Hardly Art)




Jacuzzi Boys, out of Miami,
made their first impression with No
, a blistering, Ramones-punk slab of fuzz that was tough and sweet
at the same time. Their follow-up, Glazin’,
cleans up the grit and dials up the pop in a sunny, breezy take on Black
Lips-style garage rocking. Here sharp-edged guitars bristle from clean-scrubbed
melodies, just enough roughness to create the necessary friction. “Crush,” for
instance, builds tension in its clamped-down strumming, accentuates romantic
anxiety with its pounding, echoing drums, but releases it in the sweet-silly,
super-tuneful chorus of “You’re my crush, crush, crush.”  


These boys are in it for love, clearly, “searching all
around the world,” on “Crush,” sticky with sugary infatuation on “Glazin'” and
even willing to entertain the idea of astrology (if the girl doing the chart is
cute enough) in clever, tongue-in-cheek “Libras and Zebras.” Louder, more aggressive
“Silver Sphere (Death Dream)” breaks the boys-after-girls party vibe with a
touch of heavy metal, and twitchy “Zeppelin” sports a slightly more menacing,
dominating air than most of these tunes, with its “I’m a ripper” sneer and
pounding tribal drums. But mostly Glazin’ flirts in a friendly, non-threatening way, as sloppily charming as a wet,
drunken kiss on the beach. You’re not going to learn much in this hot tub, or
perhaps remember much about it afterwards, but come on in, the water’s fine.


DOWNLOAD: “Crush,”

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