Jack’s Mannequin – People and Things

January 01, 1970





I guess emo kids can grow up… well, sort of.


On People
and Things
, the band’s third release, California-based Jack’s Mannequin has
finally managed to distance itself from front man Andrew McMahon’s teenage pop emo
band Something Corporate. The lyrics are still a tad bit heavy on overwrought
emotions at times throughout the new record, but they sound a bit more genuine
coming from a guy in his late 20’s versus a teenager still living with the


McMahon has mentioned that People and Things is the final
installment of a three part story first introduced with their debut in 2004. I
have no idea what that story line actually is, but it has something to do with
a chick named Amy judging from the song titles. Rock operas aside, there are
some really good piano-based emotional rockers crammed onto this record. Songs
like the album opener “My Racing Thoughts” and the dreamy “Television” show a
band that feels comfortable with how far they have come. Once just another also
ran in a genre destined for obscurity, Jack’s Mannequin have moved out of the
emo ghetto and settled in nicely into a nice indie rock neighborhood.


Not bad for a band that was originally
created as simply another side project.


DOWNLOAD: “My Racing Thoughts,” “Television” and “Restless
Dream”   JOHN B. MOORE


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