Jack of Heart – In Yer Mouth

January 01, 1970

(Born Bad)




Lordamighty, did they dig up Jay Reatard’s body, ship it off
to South France, inject it with vampire juice
and re-animate the sonafabitch by clamping RCA patch cords to his rotting
nipples and spinning vintage garage and psych records at 78rpm? Not to be
confused with the similarly-named Marvel comics character, Jack Of Heart is one
Piero Casteil and friends, who collectively bow down before the likes of Lee
Hazlewood, Syd Barrett, the Velvet Underground, Sam & Dave, the Reigning
Sound and the Gories while serving up a righteous racket that’ll loosen the
zippers of anyone with even a passing affection for the Get Hip, In The Red and
Goner labels.


And why the band isn’t on one of those august houses o’ fuzz is a question of demonic proportions,
but no matter; the France-based (and perfectly-named) Born Bad label seems to
be getting the word out, one record store and one garage festival at a time.
From opening track “Baby Bitch,” a riotous, Antonioni-worthy explosion of
spaghetti western twang and Clash-fueled aggression, to closer “Evil To Me,” an
improbable marriage of Krautrock and Oriental psychedelia; from the
slyly-namechecking “Joh Jett III” and “Howland Skies” (figure it out
yourselves), a one-two punch of glam rock and rootsy, primitive folk-blues, to
the brilliantly titled “A Northern Pain In the Ass,” which does indeed channel
– simultaneously – the aforementioned Messers Reatard and Barrett; this is the
shit that’s on, bro. In Yer Mouth is only the second
full-length by Jack Of Heart, but it sounds like it was crafted by longtime
veterans who understand.


And since one photo is worth a zillion rock scribe’s
hyperbolic words, I’ll just sign off right here while you glom onto the pic
below. The way I figure it, if you ain’t intrigued by this point, ain’t nothing
I can say that’s gonna change that.



Bitch,” “Evil To Me,” “A Northern Pain In The Ass” FRED MILLS



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