Jack Oblivian – Rat City

January 01, 1970

Legal Mess/Fat Possum)




a founding member of both the Compulsive Gamblers and the Oblivans, Jack
Oblivian is as close to Memphis garage-rock royalty as you’ll find. For all
that Oblivian has accomplished through the years, it’s often his solo work that
shines the brightest.


Rat City is Oblivian’s
latest shot at glory, a boiling, rumbling stewpot of fatback punk-blues, spicy
garage-rock, and sweet pop delivered in the Memphis tradition. Whereas the
title track is a streetfight with clashing instrumentation and city-slang
lyrics that would make Armand Schaubroeck blush, cuts like the rollicking
“Kidnapper” evince a Duane Eddy twang and Alex Chilton soul. “Girl
On The Beach” is a melodic romantic ode with an undeniable hook while the
stunning “Girl With The Bruises” is what the Clash would have sounded
like had they come from Memphis.


a lot to like in this musical gumbo – Jack Oblivian’s one of rock’s lovable
outcasts like Chilton, Willy DeVille, and all those others who dared walk on the
edge with heart and soul.


DOWNLOAD: “Rat City,”
“Mass Confusion” REV. KEITH A. GORDON

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