Ivan Julian – The Naked Flame

January 01, 1970





might view Ivan Julian as merely supporting cast member of Richard Hell &
the Voidoids, but The Naked Flame indicates that Robert Quine wasn’t the only one churning out those yowling


in his first album as a leader in a career after several years of work in the
studio, produces string squalls that take us back to the days of Blank Generation, when they don’t
incorporate Hendrix power chords (the title track), or build on a tight soul
grooves (“That Look,” “The Funky Beat in Siamese”). Several of the songs
channel Hell, either in terms of delivery (the “Oh no” in “A Young Man’s Money”
sounds like it was lifted from “Love Comes In Spurts”) or lyrical perspective
(“Gonna be my day/ just to piss it away”).


by the Argentinian trio Capsula, Julian’s work is less about reliving the past
and more about adding another chapter to it. A subdued cover of Lucinda
Williams’ “Broken Butterfly” proves there’s depth beneath the frenzy as well.


DOWNLOAD: “The Naked Flame,”
“Hardwired” MIKE SHANLEY


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