Interpol – Interpol

January 01, 1970




Three years
after Interpol’s major label release Our
Love to Admire
2010s Interpol simultaneously
proves to be a renewal and a re-examining of familiar territory for the trio. While
the overall sound of their fourth LP takes off in a slightly new direction and
bassist Carlos D has left the band, they’ve named this album eponymously like
their debut; and, they’ve returned to the record label that witnessed the
launching of their career, Matador.


Within the 10
track Interpol lead singer, Paul
Banks, continues to eloquently contemplate the despairing moments of love and
life. Singles “Lights” and “Barricade” immediately catch your ears with their
hypnotic drums and lyrical hooks. In “Lights” he rhetorically asks, “estuary,
won’t you take me far away,” while in closing track “The Undoing” Banks claims
he’s “chasing [his] damage.”


And like older
releases, this album bears a foreboding quality. The last five songs are decisively
slow-paced and sparse – “All of the Ways” best illustrates this quality – and
they may leave you desiring for a hypnotic track reminiscent to “Rest My
Chemistry” to quicken the crawl. Nonetheless, once those tunes sink their
hooks, the latter half of the album proves just as entrancing as the faster


DOWNLOAD: “Memory Serves,” “Barricade” APRIL S.

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