Indigo Girls – Poseidon and the Bitter Bug

January 01, 1970

(IG Records/Vanguard)



With perhaps the dorkiest title in their entire catalog in
hand, the Indigo Girls have jumped full-steam ahead into their 23rd year of making music together, this time on their very own label.  Released on their new imprint, IG (and in
partnership with Vanguard), Poseidon and
the Bitter Bug
clearly benefits from new eyes, new ears, and new


For those that grew up listening to the late ‘80s
acoustic-rock raging of the duo, this new album may seem like a measured
departure.  The electric guitars and
smoother vocals line up behind more complicated song structures, and the lyrics
detail more self-reflection and less self-liberation.  If you are overwhelmed with the production, a
double-disc edition of the album includes an all acoustic second disc, so you
can curl back into your comfort zone.


Overall, though, he changes are slight, and the band
maintains its authenticity.  Songs like
“Digging for Your Dream” and “Driver Education” empower the individual over
society, with positive melodies and memorable choruses.  “Ghost of the Gang” seems like the biggest
departure for the album, but it is not so experimental that it will alienate
any longtime Indigo Girls fans.  And
that’s the purpose of this album, to break out boldly on your own, while
bringing along all those who have followed you for so long.


Standout Tracks: “Digging
for Your Dream,” “Driver Education” BRIAN CREECH




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