Imogen Heap – Ellipse

January 01, 1970



Bubble bubble turmoil and trouble. That’s the Bard-y larded
up feel of how witchy Imogen Heap weaves her spell. There’re always lots of
layers of oozing gooey flighty synth piled atop too many overly-worded sentiments
on every Heap helping since Speak for
. Taken in small doses, it’s a charming set of efforts that Heap
holds sway over when she feels up to the task; a rhythm-heavy a cappella “Earth,”
a caustic “Bad Body Double,” a nearly humorous “Aha.” Nearly.


But a lot goes a little way and too much of the good (not
great) thing grows tedious as the clutter of prissiness blossoms and plops.
More often than not the whole thing turns into a mess in a shabby dress. Still,
there’s something sweet and even seething when you peel back the heavy musty curtains.


Standout Tracks: “First
Train Home” “Earth” “Bad Body Double” A.D. AMOROSI


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