I’m From Barcelona – Forever Today

January 01, 1970





This is the latest long-player from a Swedish one-man band that always had at least 20 players
on it. Leader/songwriter Emanuel Lundgren burst onto the scene in 2006 with Let Me Introduce My Friends and it
seemed at the time that he was trying to outnumber even The Polyphonic Spree
for how many members you could cram into a promo photo shot. I think Lundgren
won out with 29. The record won plenty of critical acclaim as did 2008’s Who Killed Harry Houdini? Both sprang
forth with majestic displays of sprightly pop. If you never thought anyone
could be that happy, well, Lundgren and his mates sure seemed like they were
(and there wasn’t a brightly-colored robe to be found).


And now for the
difficult 3rd record that is not so difficult at all, thank you very
much. Nope, Lundgren and his cheery pals keep zipping along and it wouldn’t be
out of place to called Forever Today the best I.F.B. record yet. Straight-forward, bouncy, economical  pop songs and in some (most) band’s hands
this might come off like a cutesy pile of rubbish, but with Lundgren and his
pals, well, they mean it, man. When
he shouts “Everyone’s got bellies full of butterflies” (from the sun-kissed
“Battleships”) you don’t doubt it for a second because you’ve felt the same
thing (even if it was your first day
of 2nd grade).  Think it can’t
get any brighter? Try “Always Spring” with its soaring keys or “Come On” with
those blasting horns or that zippy shuffle of “Dr. Landy.” There honestly isn’t
a bad song in this batch of 10. My advice to you is to toss the Prozac and buy
two copies of this record (because you’ll wear the first one out) and call me
in the morning.


During those
months of complete darkness in Sweden,
Lundgren and his large cast of friends are keeping that country well lit. Bravo
for them!


DOWNLOAD: “Charlie Parker”, “Get in Line”,
“Battleships”, “Dr. Landy” TIM HINELY



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