Iggy Pop – Préliminaires

January 01, 1970





Préliminaires doesn’t quite make me want to smear peanut
butter on my chest, but after 40 years of righteous face-meltage, we owe
Monsieur Pop an honest listen. Who knew that after all these years, the
Godfather of Punk harbored a soft spot for chanson and parlor pianos? Live and learn.


All the same, it’s difficult to keep a
straight face through “Les Feuilles Mortes.” Iggy’s bottomless baritone seducing
us in spoken-word French? Hilarious! He pulls it off better on “Je sais que tu sais,”
when he leaves the French to his chanseuse, Lucie Aimé. There are a few schmaltzy throwaways like
“Spanish Coast” (yawn), “How Insensitive” (skip) and “Party Time” (don’t bring
this to the discotheque). Ig revels in his signature snarl on “Nice To Be Dead”
and boogie woogies like a New Orleans
regular (from 1925, that is) on “King of the Dogs.”



The Ambien must have kicked in around
track ten, where Pop wonders in earnest: “What is a dog, but a machine of
love?” Préliminaires may not be your top choice in Pop’s 15-album
career, but the element of the unexpected is always been Pop’s métier. N’est-ce



Standout Tracks: “Nice To Be
Dead,” “Je sais que tu sais” SARAH GRANT


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