Iceage – New Brigade

January 01, 1970

(What’s Your Rupture?)


Iceage may boast a sound that suggests deep roots in the
scene that emerged from L.A.’s
notorious underground punk venue The Smell. But the kinship to such acts as No
Age, Abe Vigoda and Ponytail is in spirit in only, as this Danish quartet of
teenage upstarts hadn’t stepped foot on American soil until their sold-out
stateside debut gig in Brooklyn this past June, where the band stormed through
the entirety of their roadside bomb of a first album, New Brigade. While it has been out in their native land since
January and only recently been made available in this country through tiny New
York-based What’s Your Rupture?, this 12-track typhoon is exactly the kick in
the ass our sorry punk community needs in the wake of Jay Reatard’s untimely


Clocking in at a scant 25 minutes, Brigade is the sound of a band in the center of a sonic peninsula
where English post-punk, Eastern European goth and North American hardcore meet,
as cuts like “Remember” and “Count Me In” so strikingly
signify. But elsewhere, songs like “Collapse” and “White
Rune” blast off with an abrasiveness that certainly recalls many nights
banging their heads to rare Locust and Wolf Eyes 7-inches as well, giving the
group a strong sense of footing into the world of experimental noise that will
certainly earn them kudos from the Thurston Moore/Byron Coley crowd as it will
that the budding tastes for anti-digital angst emanating from that generation’s
throngs of culture-starved children.


From the sound of all these caustic elements coming
together, you’d think New Brigade was
recorded on a crusty old four-track in a Scandinavian basement. But the fact
that it was put to tape in a real professional studio is indeed a testament to
this incredibly talented and hungry young group’s refusal to compromise. And
that’s something anyone looking to Iceage as some sort of punk rock saviors
should see as a very good thing.


DOWNLOAD: “Remember”,
“Count Me In”, “Collapse”, “White Rune” RON HART





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