Iceage 4-4-13, Denver

Dates: April 4, 2013

Location: Marquis Theatre, Denver CO



Decent crowd on this Thursday night and I unfortunately missed Wet Hair (who I have heard good things about) and while I had not previously heard the second band, Merchandise, their set consisted solid, mid-tempo melodic rock sound. Vocalist was the chatty sort and the guitars sounded ok the drums reminded me of U2 at times (erm…not really a compliment).

I had caught Copenhagen, Denmark, band Iceage last summer at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago but it seemed like the big stage in the outdoor environment sort of swallowed them up. So I was wondering how they’d fare in a smaller venue. Well, tonight was my chance and they were…..well, ok.

Dressed mostly in black with nary a smile while entering the stage (perhaps they forgot to floss that day…no biggie) and the lead singer had a floppy cowboy hat (who does he think he is, Tracy Pew?).  They opened with “Ecstasy”, first song off their latest record (You’re Nothing on Matador Records) and was an appropriate opener—they then ripped into “Coalition,” one of the best songs on the record (reminds me of old DC punks Rites of Spring).

From said new record we also heard “Burning Hand,” “Everything Drift,” “Wounded Hearts” and the title track. The set lasted about 35 minutes (maybe 40), they marched off the stage, and the house lights came up. No encore, which was a bit disappointing, but fitting I guess (“Fuck you people, we’re Iceage.”).

I think I was expecting a bit of violence ala The Dwarves or GG Allin but there was none of that, just four young guys with a bleak worldview who want to play their music for you. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m heckling next time.

[Photo Credit: the dumb image above is lovingly borrowed from the band’s Facebook page…]

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