Ian Hunter – Man Overboard

January 01, 1970

(New West)




Ian Hunter has been anything but prolific in the last
decade, so it’s a pleasant surprise that Man
comes only two years after his last album, Shrunken Heads. Where Shrunken
sounded like Hunter couldn’t wait to spit out his angry lyrics about
the Bush administration and the stupidity of the public, Man Overboard finds Hunter much more relaxed. Instead of sounding
like he has something to prove, he’s content to simply be a master at work,
effortlessly tossing off uptempo pub-rockers (“Arms and Legs”) and soulful
ballads (“These Feelings”) full of his trademark wit and dry sense of humor.  It’s another solid record from a guy who has
been making them for three decades, and has never been fully appreciated for it.
It’s unlikely this album will be the one that finally brings him the acclaim he
deserves, but those in the know will be happy to have it.   


Standout Tracks:  “Arms and Legs” “Flowers”  HAL BIENSTOCK



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