Ian Hunter and the Rant Band – When I’m President

January 01, 1970





One of the most respected artists in rock & roll to have
never ascended to superstardom, Ian Hunter avoids the celebrity circus and gets
the word out about his vision in the simplest way possible: by making good
records and playing shows. His thirteenth studio album, When I’m President is the latest chapter
in the book the Mott the Hoople singer began writing with 2001’s Rant, in that it’s also a collection of
stripped-down tunes that emphasize melody and lyric over gimmick.


The 73-years-young singer/songwriter is still enamored with
the Rolling Stones, slipping into the familiar loose grooves on the angry “What
For,” the blazing “Comfortable (Flyin’ Scotsman)” and the rollicking “Wild
Bunch.” Hunter remains one of the few classic rockers capable of convincing
balladry – “Black Tears” and the magnificent “Fatally Flawed” pin the man’s
heart directly to his sleeve without getting a drop of blood anywhere. On the
title track, his sociopolitical rant avoids sounding grumpy by riding a soaring
folk rock melody home. Hunter also branches out with the atmospheric mood piece
“Ta Shunka Witco (Crazy Horse),” just to show he doesn’t have tunnel vision.


With no guest stars, production wizardry or young gun
endorsements, Hunter simply delivers the goods, with no muss or fuss. When I’m President lives up to the
standard set by his other ‘aughties LPs as a set of fine, impassioned songs
built with basic rock & roll tools, and sounds all the better for it.


I’m President,” “Fatally Flawed,” “Conversation (Flyin’ Scotsman)” MICHAEL


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