IAMX – Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction

January 01, 1970





When it comes to music, there are times we all discover
diamonds in the rough – hidden treasures for the ear that are so pristine, so
lush and so near-perfect, that you want to share it with the world. Such a
diamond is Kingdom of Welcome
, the third album by Berlin based IAMX. The evolution of IAMX,
lead by masterful minstrel and fashion chameleon Chris Corner, began with the
dazzling, sexually-charged electro-pop debut Kiss+Swallow, later followed by the dark, guitar-driven dance beats
of The Alternative. For their third
outing, IAMX once again evolves, taking the heart and soul of its predecessors,
yet this time ditching their traditional dance-rock beats and going for a more
epic, personal, and therapeutic sound. This is definitely Corner’s most
personal and mature work to date.


“Nature of Inviting” is a strong, dance rhythm opener, and
the most Kiss + Swallow-ish the album
is going to get, but next up we’re knocked to the floor with title track, “Kingdom of Welcome Addiction.” It’s here when we
get hit with a metamorphosis and wall of sounds, not to mention strong vocals
by Corner. In “Tear
Garden,” it sounds as if the
band ditched all keyboards and synths and went for piano and nice, strong
percussion, resulting in some sort of ethereal lounge number you just want to
snap your fingers and sing along to. One of the album’s finest moments is “I Am
Terrified”-a haunting and gripping ballad of pain and addiction. It’s here
where Corners evokes a large amount of emotion as the song builds up to an epic
climax featuring powerful vocals by Corner. “I am terrified/ I think too much/I
get emotional when I drink too much/I buy every cry, because I don’t trust,” he


“Think of England”
is the guitar anthem of the album that’s very reminiscent of ‘90s era U2, only
better. Those underwhelmed by the latest Depeche Mode album might dig “An I For
An I,” a gritty and distorted electro-rock number that sounds like something
Martin Gore and David Gahan should be going for. Things come to conclusion in a
bittersweet sort of way with the moving and fragile “Running.” It’s here where
Corner displays his tender side and evokes a massive sense of vulnerability and
emotion. It’s one of those songs that sweeps you up, pierces you, then gently
heals you only to do it all over again with each listen. One could argue that
this is IAMX’s best album, but comparing Kingdom to Kiss + Swallow and The Alternative is like that old saying,
comparing apples to oranges. Either way, like its title suggests, this album
will certainly become an addiction for anyone who takes a listen. If this album
should ever awaken the deaf ears of The Recording Academy, it would most
certainly deserve a Grammy nomination.


Standout Tracks: “Nature
of Inviting,”  “I Am Terrified,”  “The Great Shipwreck of Life,”  “Running” GIL MACIAS




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