I Was A King – Old Friends

January 01, 1970

(Sounds Familyre)




This is the third record by this Norwegian band led by pop mad
scientist Frode Stromstad, and one interesting fact is that the record was the
first one cut at the newly finished studio of Daniel Smith, Familyre Studio (Clarksboro, NJ).  Smith had been a previous collaborator on a
previous I Was a King record so Stromstad jumped at the change to newly
christen Smith’s studio with all the good vibes is truly deserves. And it must
be said, Old Friends is a real doozy.


Stromstad seemingly takes his cue from the past few decades of pop
music and touches upon them all with equal aplomb: indie pop, shoegaze dream
pop, noise pop,  lo-fi and the like.
Opener “The Wylde Boys” commences with pure cacophony but it’s all smiles when
the horns kick in and the drummer is slamming away, while the guitar line in
“Echoes” echoes GBV’s “Game of Pricks” and nearly beats it at its own game.
Later on, “Nightwalking” grabs that sweet spot of ebullience right between
Teenage Fanclub and the Apples in Stereo; “Someone is Waiting” is pure carnival
ride (musically speaking); and “Forgive and Forget’ is as breezy as breezy


With a batch of songs this strong Stromstad deservers to take a day
off from shaving tomorrow. Don’t worry about it Frode; you have our permission.


DOWNLOAD: “The Wylde Boys”, “Echoes”, “Someone is

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