I See Hawks in L.A. – New Kind of Lonely

January 01, 1970

(Western Seeds)




You might think
this trio hailed from a locale such as Amarillo,
TX or Nashville,
TN. Well, if you thought Bakersfield, CA you’d be
close as these three joined forces in an Echo
living room over a decade ago. 
Apparently longtime fans who cherish the band’s acoustic gigs can now
rejoice as New Kind of Lonely is an all-acoustic record with 13 slices of
genuine Americana straight from the heart.
Guitarist Rob Waller handles the lead vocals, but the other two musketeers,
guitarist/dobro player Paul Lacques and bassist Paul Marshall harmonizes the
dickens out of these songs (on this record the band adds a drummer as well as
banjo, fiddle and accordion players).


The songs
themselves create some magical imagery but heck, just listen to these songs
titles:  ” I Fell in Love with the
Grateful Dead”,  “Big Old Hypodermic
Needle”, “Bohemian Highway”, “Hunger Mountain Breakdown” and “Your Love is
Going to Kill Me.” If you think the band is like an antithesis of 70’s AOR
drifters America (“Sister Golden Hair”) well, you may be right, just trade
“Ventura Highway” in for one “Bohemian Highway’ and you’re all set. Sound fair?


They take their
music seriously, but with a real looseness create a warmth (with no lack of
humor) that a lot of alt country bands seem to lack.


DOWNLOAD:  “Bohemian Highway”, “I Fell in Love with the Grateful
Dead”, “Mary Austin Sky”, “Big Old Hypodermic Needle” TIM HINELY


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