Hurricane Bells – Tonight is the Ghost

January 01, 1970



four records with his main project, Longwave, leader Steve Schiltz decided it
was time for a change. He decided to go at it completely solo and recorded
these 10 tracks with his Macbook and Mbox (if we are to believe his MySpace
page and we’ll assume he’s telling the truth). The songs on Tonight is the
are hazy, melodic, occasionally meandering and nearly impossible to
forget once they stick in your noggin. If you’ve heard bands like Radiohead or
Grizzly Bear then you won’t be hearing anything new here but Schiltz put his
time into songcraft and this record has some real doozies.


Year” opens the record with a faint voice coming from the other room then
Schiltz’s croony whisper comes in and takes over with not much more than his
voice and an acoustic guitar while “This is a Test” piles on then ooohs n’
ahhhs amid some pounding drums, a dissonant guitar lick and Schiltz stating
“World out of control”  over and over again. The Thom Yorke-esque “Tonight
I’m Going to be a Shooting Star” is one of the most unique songs on here with
affected lead vocals and soaring synths; “Freezing Rain” sounds like it could
be an outtake from The Queen is Dead (some very Johnny Marr-ish guitar work) and is the record’s strongest track. A
few of the songs on here nearly drift off a bit too far over the line
(“Darkness is so Deep”, “The Cold Has Killed Us”) but most of Tonight is the
shows Schiltz at his best. The status of Longwave being uncertain,
let’s hope this is one side project that starts to get a bit (ok, a lot) more


: “This is a Test”, “Tonight I’m Going to be a Shooting Star”, “Freezing
Rain”, “Tenterhooks” TIM HINELY



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