Hunx and His Punx – Too Young to Be In Love

January 01, 1970



and His Punx answer the music question, What would’ve happened if the
Shangri-Las brought in a gay male friend to front the band? If it seems to be an unlikely premise, the opening bars of “Lovers Lane” set the record straight.
It’s all there – the “Be My Baby” drumbeat; the “Duke of Earl” chord
progression; girl group harmonies; even the death of the romantic boy interest;
along with slightly nasal Hunx (aka Seth Bogart) singing about this young man.
For the next 30 or so minutes, the band plows through 10 songs that keep the
party mood going, even as hearts get broken and won again.


things get a little repetitive. “Lover’s Lane” could have used a middle eight;
“That’s the Curse of Being Young” repeats the title a few too many times in the
coda.  But if the songwriting errs
slightly on the side of primitive, the execution does not. The three female
Punx have the vocal harmonies nailed, which give the songs an appropriate amount
of drama. They don’t play with a whole lot of instrumental flash, which should
appeal both to fans of raw punk and ’60s pop. Finally, Bogart’s choice to sing
about the boys, much like predecessors Ronnie Spector and Mary Weiss, should
only bring us closer to understanding that gays and straights have more in
common that we realize. We all want that handsome boy and know what it means when
the boyfriend’s back in town.


DOWNLOAD: “Too Young to Be In
Love,” “If You’re Not Here.” MIKE SHANLEY



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