THE HOWLIN’ BROTHERS – The Sun Studio Session

Album: The Sun Studio Session

Artist: Howlin' Brothers

Label: iTunes Exclusive

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Howlin Brothers Sun Studios 10-15


 As a follow-up to Howl, the band’s recent breakthrough (and reviewed here at BLURT), this six song I-Tunes-only EP expands on the Howlin’ Brothers’ back porch motif by showcasing the band in a natural setting so essential to Americana’s origins. The jaunty “Dixie Fried” kicks off their down home designs on an upbeat note, but in keeping with the band’s blue collar ethic, the set is mostly highlighted by songs of less jovial circumstance. The mournful “Troubled Waltz” and the troubled blues of “Take Me Down” are the prime examples.

 Nevertheless, it’s basic bluegrass that the Howlin’ Brothers exercise best, and that makes “Til I Find You” and “Charlotte Chew” the most rousing of the entries offered herein. Unaffected and seemingly spontaneous, they demonstrate the Brothers’ natural affinity for their traditional template, as well as further reason why this unassuming trio’s made such an impressive addition to the current roots/retro scene. If authenticity ensures admiration, then The Sun Studio Sessions offer further evidence that the Howlin’ Brothers have all the credence necessary.

 DOWNLOAD: “Til I FInd You,” “Charlotte Chew”


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