Hot Hot Heat – Future Breeds

January 01, 1970



There are those who will argue that Hot Hot Heat peaked with
the angular post-punk revivalist moves of their first album, “Make Up the
Breakdown.” Those are the people most likely to view this new one as a clear
return to form, while those who swear by “Elevator” may have been willing to
trade in a few of the edges for one new track as instantly engaging as “Middle
of Nowhere” or “Goodnight Goodnight.”


That’s not to say they’ve turned their backs on hooks
completely here. There’s one song, “Goddess on the Prairie,” that could hold
its own against their most infectious work. But the overall thrust of the album
is far more concerned with advancing the edgier side of their sound, from the
tense, robotic grind of “YVR,” a leadoff track that hits like Gary Numan
playing Kraftwerk riffs too fast (and Middle Eastern) while telling Robert
Fripp it needs more “Scary Monsters” in the mix. The synth riff that runs
through the oft-kilter “21 @ 12” could be mistaken for an air raid siren.
“Times a Thousand” rocks an undead tango vibe while Steve Bays yelps “You me
and the devil makes three and that’s still two too many for me” like Robert
Smith in heat. “Implosionatic” imagines a twitchier Buzzcocks. The swagger of
“Zero Results” sounds like it came from getting stoned to Dylan’s “Ballad of a
Thin Man” in a German cabaret. And “What is Rational?” brings the jerky
art-school funk like early Talking Heads (or what their jerky art-school funk
songs would have sounded like if they’d been paying more attention to the other
bands at CBGB).


DOWNLOAD: “YVR,”  “Implosionatic” A. WATT


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