Hospital Ships – Lonely Twin

January 01, 1970



Hospital Ships is a band firmly entrenched in the school of
thought that guitars needn’t be the centerpiece for good, effective rock and
roll. Think recent Flaming Lips, Unicorns, and Minus Story, the now defunct
band of Hospital Ships mastermind, Jordan Geiger. Yes, all of these bands use
or used guitars, but sparingly so, allowing synths and keyboards to swirl
around power chords and spindly riffs to create a texture that both rocks and


The other thing Hospital Ships has in common with these
bands is Geiger’s reedy vocals, impossibly high at times and indisputably
charming. His voice is warm and comforting, and much as they did in Minus
Story, his words ring out softly but clearly over the music. The album plays
out like a musical, a morose one at that, each song with its own distinct
character but threaded together by the sequencing into a cohesive melodic story
of some sort. All that is a lot of work for one man, but Geiger handles the job
extremely well. The slightly mournful tone carries all the way through, from
songs like the loping “Honey Please” to the floating, ethereal “Bird in Furs”
all the way to the rocking rave-up of “Reprise.”


“Quiet words said over your body when you’re dead, galaxies
of green, like diamonds clear and clean,” Geiger sings (or something very close
to it) on the waltzing “Galaxies,” tinkling piano sprinkled over a thumping
bass and drumbeat. This captures the tone wonderfully, as Hospital Ships’ music
tackles celestial ideas while keeping emotions close to the heart.


in Furs,” “Reprise” JONAH FLICKER

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